In Plane View in collaboration with sHaPe sHiFtEr mOdELWoRks



Can provide animated 3d models of buildings, structures, artefacts etc, for visualisation purposes.

Click on images below to view a number of animated 3d models on In Plane View's YouTube channel.

BC P.jpg
Master of the Universe, Isaac Newton, Alan Hunter Blair

3D Eduardo Paolozzi sculpture 'Master of the Universe' Isaac Newton © In Plane View

Alan Hunter Blair

3D Crighton Castle © In Plane View

3D Culswick Broch © In Plane View


Dun Cragach © In Plane View

Smailholm Tower, Scotiish Tower Houses, Scottish Castles, Alan Hunter Blair, In Plane View

3D Smailholm Tower © In Plane View


3D Whitecastle © In Plane View

Alan Hunter Blair

3D Corsehope Rings © In Plane View

Motte-of-Urr-oblique-view-from-the-west, Alan Hunter Blair
In Plane View, Alan Hunter Blair, Newark Castle, Scottishe Castles

3D Newark Castle © In Plane View

Chesters Fort low.jpg

3D Chesters © In Plane View

Alan Hunter Blair

3D Castle Law © In Plane View

Motte of Urr © In Plane View