In Plane View in collaboration with sHaPe sHiFtEr mOdELWoRks



Can provide animated 3d models of buildings, structures, artefacts etc, for visualisation purposes.

Click on images below to view a number of animated 3d models on In Plane View's YouTube channel.

Master of the Universe, Isaac Newton, Alan Hunter Blair

3D Eduardo Paolozzi sculpture 'Master of the Universe' Isaac Newton © In Plane View


Dun Cragach © In Plane View


3D Whitecastle © In Plane View

Alan Hunter Blair

3D Corsehope Rings © In Plane View

Motte-of-Urr-oblique-view-from-the-west, Alan Hunter Blair
Alan Hunter Blair

3D Crighton Castle © In Plane View

Smailholm Tower, Scotiish Tower Houses, Scottish Castles, Alan Hunter Blair, In Plane View

3D Smailholm Tower © In Plane View

In Plane View, Alan Hunter Blair, Newark Castle, Scottishe Castles

3D Newark Castle © In Plane View

Chesters Fort low.jpg

3D Chesters © In Plane View

Alan Hunter Blair

3D Castle Law © In Plane View

Motte of Urr © In Plane View